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Our completely modern facilities effectively support the quality of the Delsoto process. There are the three main groups.




Our animals, depending on the degree of freedom required by the different species, have large spaces in which to develop and grow.
In the case of ostriches, the entire process is continuously monitored: egg laying, incubation, birth and raising. Food is a result of a study of more than 15 years, providing the highest quality birds, balanced protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.
We can say with certainty that every animal in our care is treated almost individually, or in small groups of species.



Our facilities, apart from delivering the administration, preparation and billing of orders, cover all stages in the preparation of the products prior to distribution.
In a facility larger than 2,000 m2 are housed, in clearly distinct storage areas, the chilled, frozen and processed foods as well as the handling and packing departments.

In the meat section, our skilled butchers prepare the various cuts characteristic of each meat or in ways expressly requested by customers. This allows for maximum quality in the individual packaging. One reason why we are appreciated by our everyday customers.

Our Fleet

Nuestra flota

Our trucks and vans are equipped to transport cold or frozen goods and enable us to reach retail outlets in the community of Madrid on a daily basis, as well as delivering products to third party resourses for guaranteed shipment to the Canary Islands or Portugal.

DelSoto “We maintain the quality from source to delivery”