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Delsoto markets and distributes a variety of meats, guaranteeing 100% quality of the species whose entire process from birth to the point of sale is directly controlled.
The breeding of these animals is based on a strict health program supply, with 100% natural and individual monitoring of each specimen.
We can categorise the star meats of Delsoto into three groups.



The Kobe beef is considered by specialists to be the best beef in the world. It is known by livestock experts as wagyu cattle (black leather cattle). Each animal is treated with as much attention and care as would be given to a sick child. Their diets are controlled very strictly and consist mainly of sake and beer.
Also, every day, they receive a massage that helps relax their muscle tone, ultimately providing a meat which is extremely tender and very tasty.

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Due to its low fat content, ostrich meat is ideal for those who follow a healthy diet.

“Ostrich meat has a high content of protein, a high biological value and is low in fat. Providing less calories than other meats and with low levels of cholesterol. It also provides B vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, as well as the easily absorbed heme iron, which is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin and prevents iron deficiency anemia. Its low sodium content makes it a recommended product for people who must comsume a low salt diet, such as those with high blood pressure.

These nutritional qualities of ostrich meat make it a recommended food for people of all ages, particularly for those who are overweight,  suffer from cholesterol problems or from a high triglycerides index.

The meat is extremely tender, juicy and recognized for its nutritional value, flavor and is awakening the desire of those consumers who wish to eat different foods, as a healthy alternative to other meats. ”


Minced ostrich meat, prepared with the finest ingredients. Perfect for any ocassion. An essential, high quality product.

First Ostrich Steak

Ostrich Fillet Extra

Ostrich Tenderloin

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Based in the hills of Toledo, with animals living on a free, 100% natural diet, research centers  have estimated that their nutritional values are diverse and agree that the animals are among those with the lowest fat content, especially compared with animals for slaughter.

Loin of Venison

Deer Tenderloin

Wild Boar

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From the hills of Toledo, partridge, pheasant, woodcock, etc, are part of our traditional cuisine, keeping the flavor of their natural diet.

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Sirloin colt

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Solomillo de Antílope

Impala, Zebra and Sprinbok, animals native of South Africa, are bred in freedom to guarantee the quality of a 100% natural meat.
Kangaroo meat is one of the healthiest meats in the world. Its use is recommended by the Australian Heart Foundation because it is very low in fat and cholesterol.
This allows people who are overwight, who suffer from heart problems, or who are on special diets to continue eating meat based dishes without losing the flavor or quality. The color of the meat is incredibly similar to beef, its flavor and consistency when cooked is identical.

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Duck meat is one of the products harvested from this bird, as well as other quality products such as ham and foie gras. Duck meat is notable for its good quality protein and vitamin content. The meat contains water-soluble vitamins, particularly thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B12. As for minerals, this meat is a good source of easily absorbed heme iron, phosphorus and zinc.

Confit de Pato
Magret de Pato

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