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DelSoto is a company that manufactures, packs and distributes high quality food products.
Beginning as a family based initiative, DelSoto has gained the professionalism needed to maintain sustainable growth in recent years.
Our balanced product range is enhanced with a difference in value to most of the competition: the breeding, feeding and selection of species native to a large facility in Ciudad Real, which borders the Cabañeros Nature Reserve Park. This environment allows ostriches, cattle and boars to be farmed in semi-freedom, as well as different varieties of hunting, providing a flavor and texture to the different meats that are of the utmost quality.
DelSoto understands that its responsibility is to manage the business in a way that generates value for shareholders, employees and at the same time, society with long term sustainability.


DelSoto seeks to introduce and distribute, in addition to traditional products for every day consumption, new products with high added value for society, which are unknown to consumers. An example of this is our commitment to ostrich meat in different forms, described recently in a report by the Community of Madrid as ¨ healthier meat for human consumption. ”
DelSoto’s mission is to establish itself as a leading company in food and drinks. The goal has always been to seek the highest quality at the source of all their products. A decision based on our commitment to quality.

Day by day, DelSoto is seeking to adapt its product portfolio to the needs and tastes of an evolving society. Listening to consumers, understanding their desires and meeting their expectations of quality, is one of our main commitments.
The key to the success of DelSoto’s growth is, without doubt, the control process. From the acquisition of raw materials all the way to the consumer, every process of production and distribution are subject to a strict and rigorous set of controls.
After 20 years of continuous expansion, DelSoto carries on consolodating its position with the constant addition of new lines of business, from products needed to prepare Japanese dishes to the highest quality 100% Galicia milk.

We hope and trust that soon, all food products under the brand DelSoto will become synonymous with high quality control.

DelSoto “The Origin of Quality”